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Here at Olympic Tree Service LLC, we have been providing tree care and Tree Removal in Olympia for 25+ years. Our arborist has many years of experience pruning, trimming trees and logging in Olympia. It is important to understand the tree species and growth habits in order to properly prune trees.

Our Tree Service Olympia includes removals, trimming, windsailing, proper pruning, stump grinding, lot clearing, consultation, and hazard tree assessment. A hazard tree assessment is important if you have large trees close to homes, highways, playgrounds and other high value targets.

A certified arborist can identify trees that may fail in winter storms before they fail. We have done storm damage work for 25+ years and many of the trees that failed, would have been identified for removal by a certified arborist prior to failure. No one wants a large tree hitting their home in the middle of the night, knocking out power, and leaving a leaking roof. Have a pro evaluate the conditions of your beautiful trees, never wait for trouble.

At OTS customer satisfaction and the right advice about their trees is #1. Payment is never taken in advance, when the job is completed properly, and the customer is happy, then we take payment, never before. Call Dave Williams ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Specialist for a FREE estimate today.

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